What Brake Fluid Does Can-Am Use?

Whether you’re a thrill-seeking dune buggy driver or a rancher relying on a Can-Am Defender for rugged work, you count on your vehicle’s brakes to respond instantly whenever needed. Powerful Can-Am models demand a specialized brake fluid engineered for extreme conditions. Selecting the proper fluid for your Can-Am’s demanding brakes is crucial – the wrong choice can compromise performance and safety.

This article will help you understand exactly why Can-Am has their own high-performance brake fluid, when to change it, and how relying on anything else can spell trouble. You’ll learn all about protecting your Can-Am’s brake power.

Can-Am Brake Fluid Recommendations

Can-Am exclusively recommends and formulates its own high-performance brake fluid for use in all Can-Am vehicles. This OEM brake fluid is specially engineered to handle the extreme braking demands of Can-Am models and is referred to as:

Can-Am Brake Fluid RS600

This brake fluid meets or exceeds DOT4 brake fluid specifications for optimal performance under the most challenging conditions. It is engineered to maintain effectiveness through heavy or repeated braking scenarios where brake fade is a concern.

The RS600 formula also provides protection at high temperatures and during extreme brake heat buildup such as during competition or track use. By satisfying and surpassing stringent DOT4 standards, Can-Am’s brake fluid is ready to handle the toughest braking demands faced by Can-Am vehicles.

Using Can-Am’s recommended RS600 brake fluid helps ensure:

  • Maximum braking power and control
  • Minimal brake fade even with repeated heavy braking
  • Protection of brake lines, seals and components
  • Safety and reliability even under duress

Key Takeaway: Can-Am’s specially formulated RS600 Brake Fluid, which meets or exceeds DOT4 standards, is the recommended fluid for all Can-Am vehicles.

DOT4 Brake Fluid Standards

DOT4 brake fluid is a high-performance type designed for severe duty in high-performance vehicles. Here are the key standards and properties of DOT4 brake fluid:

  • Dry Boiling Point: Must exceed 446°F or 230°C when new
  • Wet Boiling Point: Must exceed 311°F or 155°C after absorption
  • Viscosity: 1500 centistokes at -40°C
  • pH Level: 7.0 to 11.0

These specifications result in a brake fluid that:

  • Resists brake fade extremely well, even with repeated heavy braking
  • Maintains viscosity and lubrication at very high temperatures
  • Won’t damage brake components or seals

DOT4 brake fluids clearly outperform DOT3 and DOT5.1 fluids in these areas, making them the top choice for high performance vehicles.

By meeting and exceeding DOT4 specifications, Can-Am’s RS600 brake fluid provides the extreme brake performance that Can-Am models demand.

Why Can-Am Uses Its Own Specially Formulated RS600 Brake Fluid

With extreme acceleration capabilities, advanced suspension designs and competition-level handling, Can-Am vehicles place incredible demands on brake systems.

Can-Am engineers recognized that most commercially available DOT4 brake fluids still fell short of the rigorous braking needs of Can-Am models like the:

  • Can-Am Maverick X3
  • Can-Am Defender HD10
  • Can-Am Ryker Rally Edition

To address this, Can-Am formulated its own OEM-grade RS600 brake fluid specifically designed for Can-Am vehicles.

Key Benefits and Features of Can-Am RS600 Brake Fluid:

  • Exceeds DOT4 standards for even higher boiling points and fade resistance
  • Racing-grade protection against brake system corrosion
  • Excellent viscosity stability across wide temperature ranges
  • Superior lubricating abilities to protect brake components
  • Lasting moisture resistance to slow fluid absorption and retain boiling points
  • Excellent compability with all brake system materials and seals

By engineering their own brake fluid to these high specifications, Can-Am ensures peak braking control and safety for all their high-performance vehicle models and conditions.

When to Change Can-Am Brake Fluid

Over time, brake fluid can become contaminated with moisture which reduces its boiling point and performance. Can-Am recommends:

  • Flushing the brake systems and refilling with fresh RS600 brake fluid every two years.
  • Or when converting your vehicle to track-only use, flush and fill with new RS600 brake fluid.

This helps maintain the highest levels of brake system integrity and safety.

You should also monitor your brake fluid levels in the master cylinder reservoir. If levels are low, top up only with Can-Am RS600 brake fluid to avoid mixing incompatible fluids.

Warning: Never top up with alternative brake fluids not approved by Can-Am as this can damage your brake system.

Using Anything Other than Can-Am RS600 Brake Fluid

Can-Am strongly advises against using any brake fluid other than their specially engineered RS600 formula.

Even widely used racing grade DOT4 brake fluids from other brands may not provide the same level of protection and performance as Can-Am’s fluid.

Using the wrong brake fluid can result in:

  • Reduced brake system performance and control
  • Accelerated brake fade under repeated braking
  • Degraded protection against moisture and corrosion
  • Damage to brake components, seals and o-rings
  • Compromised vehicle safety

No other brake fluid is specifically designed to handle the extreme demands placed on Can-Am brake systems.

Only Can-Am RS600 brake fluid is approved for use in your vehicle. Other fluids may not properly protect your brakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will using a brake fluid other than RS600 void my warranty?

Yes, Can-Am can void the brake system warranty if any fluid other than RS600 is used. Always stick to the recommended fluid.

2. Can I use RS600 brake fluid in other ATV or UTV models?

No, RS600 is engineered exclusively for Can-Am models. Other vehicles likely need different fluids. Always consult your owner’s manual.

3. Is it ok to mix DOT3 or DOT5.1 with RS600 brake fluid?

Never mix or top up with anything other than RS600. Mixing fluids can severely damage your brake system.

4. Does RS600 brake fluid need changing more than every 2 years?

Generally no, unless subjected to frequent hard use like racing. Then change fluid annually.

5. Where can I buy Can-Am RS600 brake fluid?

At Can-Am dealerships or reputable powersports stores. Avoid counterfeit fluids online.


From dune buggies to high-powered UTVs, Can-Am vehicles demand specialized brake fluid engineered for extreme performance and protection.

Can-Am’s own OEM-grade RS600 brake fluid is specifically formulated to provide superior fade resistance, viscosity and lubrication over DOT4 standards.

Using the recommended RS600 fluid is vital for preserving brake performance, safety and longevity under all conditions. Never substitute other brake fluids in a Can-Am vehicle.

Sticking to the manufacturer guidelines for fluid changes will help maintain peak brake system operation for the long run.

After reading this guide, you now understand exactly why Can-Am has its own brake fluid, when to change it, and why using anything else should be avoided. Keep your Can-Am’s braking performing at its best with RS600.

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