What We Offer

Alignment and Tires

Ensuring proper wheel alignment on your vehicle is critical for performance, handling, and tire life. Our state-of-the-art alignment system utilizes advanced imaging technology to precisely measure and adjust your vehicle’s alignment to factory specifications. This helps eliminate pulling, drifting, and uneven tire wear by keeping all four wheels perfectly aligned and oriented.

But proper alignment is only part of the equation. Equipping your vehicle with a quality set of tires specifically intended for your make and model is key to achieving maximum performance. We offer tires from leading manufacturers like Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, and more to match your vehicle and needs. Whether you prioritize fuel economy, ride comfort, responsive handling, or longevity, we have the ideal tire to complement your vehicle’s factory alignment.

Come experience the ride transformation that a professional alignment service and new set of tires from our shop can provide. Your vehicle will track straighter, handle better, and ride quieter than ever before while tires last longer. We guarantee our workmanship so you can feel confident in the precision of our alignments and know you’re rolling on the best tires for your needs.

Brake Repair

Your vehicle’s brake system is absolutely vital for safe operation, enabling you to efficiently decelerate and bring your car or truck to a complete stop. But like any complex mechanical system, brakes require regular inspection, maintenance, and occasionally repair to keep them performing properly.

Our expert technicians have the knowledge and diagnostic tools to thoroughly assess the health of your brake system. We’ll check for issues like worn brake pads, contaminated brake fluid, leaking components, rotor damage, and more to spot minor problems before they become major.

If repairs or replacements are needed, you can trust us to get your brakes back to like-new condition and road-ready using top quality parts from manufacturers like Raybestos, Wagner, Centric, AC Delco.

And for maximum safety and control, we recommend upgrading to performance brake components like drilled/slotted rotors, metallic brake pads, stainless steel lines and more tailored for your specific vehicle. Don’t leave the critical job of stopping safely to chance. Our brake service will assure peak efficiency and responsiveness to help keep you and your passengers secure behind the wheel.

Engine Maintenance

To keep your vehicle performing at its best with strong, reliable power, proper engine maintenance is essential. Our expert technicians offer a range of tune-up and preventative maintenance services to help detect minor issues before they become major while optimizing performance.

This includes spark plug replacements to boost combustion efficiency, fuel system cleaning, throttle body cleaning, fuel filter replacements to prevent contamination, cooling system flushes to stop corrosion, oil changes using advanced synthetic blends to reduce friction and wear, cabin air filter changes to freshen interior air quality, battery testing to check charging health, and more.

With in-depth analysis and attention to often overlooked components, our comprehensive maintenance packages leave no system unchecked. Your engine can lose up to 30% of its power and economy due to lack of routine care, so don’t leave it to chance. Out technicians know your make and model intimately and tailor the ideal maintenance schedule for your vehicle and driving needs. You’ll enjoy smoother acceleration, optimal fuel mileage, and the confidence of knowing your vehicle is running at its engineered peak.

Heating And Cooling Services

Ensuring your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning system is operating properly is about more than just comfort – it’s critical for safe driving visibility and reducing fatigue behind the wheel. But like any frequently-used system, air conditioners and heaters can degrade over time, leading to issues like weak airflow, temperature control problems, strange odors, and even complete failures.

Don’t leave the interior climate of your vehicle up to chance. Our expert technicians have the tools and knowledge to thoroughly inspect and evaluate your A/C and heating system. We can pinpoint issues, perform repairs, and recommend cost-effective replacements if major components are too heavily damaged. You’ll breathe easier knowing any leaks, blockages, electrical issues, or compressor problems have been resolved.

With optimized performance, your defroster, ventilation, and desired cabin temperature will be immediately responsive, keeping you cool on hot summer days and cozy warm when it’s freezing outside. Our A/C and heater service helps drive safely and comfortably year-round.

Oil Change

Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle’s engine, lubricating components to reduce friction while also keeping critical parts clean. But oil loses its protective viscosity over time and through combustion contamination, necessitating regular changes. Our technicians perform conventional and synthetic oil changes using top quality brands like Mobil 1, Pennzoil, Valvoline, and Castrol paired with premium oil filters. Synthetic blends in particular provide longer life, resisting breakdown better for improved flow in extreme temperatures.

This translates to superior protection against wear to reduce engine noise, maximize fuel economy, and maintain strong oil pressure. We’ll safely dispose of old fluid and can recommend the ideal change interval and viscosity grade tailored for your vehicle’s make and model based on factors like mileage and climate.

With each oil change service, you’ll drive away reassured that your engine has fresh, clean oil for vital lubrication and contamination prevention. Protect your complex engine investment – schedule an oil change using quality fluids and filters today.

Transmission Services

Your vehicle’s transmission is an intricate system that’s essential yet often overlooked when it comes to service. But issues like grinding gears, slipping, roughness, or leaks can leave you stranded. Our technicians specialize in transmission maintenance and repair services to give you peace of mind on every drive. We’ll thoroughly inspect the health of your transmission fluid and components using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to check for contamination, worn gears, electrical faults, leaks, and more.

If repairs or fluid changes are needed, you can trust our ASE-certified experts to get your transmission operating safely and smoothly again. We utilize only top quality parts and fluids from trusted brands to match your manufacturer’s specifications. And we stand behind our work with extensive warranties so you can feel confident in the repairs performed.

Don’t wait for what starts as a minor transmission issue to escalate into a breakdown. Schedule preventative maintenance and rely on our transmission services to support smooth, reliable shifting for the long run.