Got Brake Light Troubles? Here’s How To Reset Brake Light On Dodge Ram 1500

So the brake light on your Dodge Ram 1500 decided to stop working properly, huh? We get it, it’s frustrating when those temperamental bulbs randomly burn out or get stuck illuminating your dash. But don’t sweat it, resetting that brake light is easier than you think. With a few basic tools and this handy guide, you’ll have that baby working again in no time.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide:

To reset the brake light on a Dodge Ram 1500, start by locating the fuse box under the driver’s side dashboard and identifying the specific fuse that controls the brake lights. Pull this fuse and inspect it closely for damage. If the fuse appears blown, replace it with an identical new fuse with the same amperage rating. Retest the brake lights by pressing the pedal after replacing any damaged fuses, if the issue persists, the brake light switch, wiring, or connectors may need diagnosis and replacement.

First Things First – Safety Check

Before we dive into the how-to, let’s go over some quick safety checks:

  • Make sure your Ram 1500 is turned completely off and the keys are removed. Safety first!
  • Engage the emergency brake and use wheel chocks if working on an incline.
  • Wear appropriate gear like gloves and eyewear to protect yourself.

Got all that? Great, let’s figure out why that brake light’s misbehaving in the first place.

Potential Causes of Brake Light Issues

In order to fix that brake light, we need to understand what could be causing the problem. Here are the most common culprits:

  • Blown fuse – This tiny guy is designed to take the brunt during electrical issues to protect the system. But when they blow, lights and signals can shut off.
  • Faulty brake light switch – This small sensor activates the lights when you hit the brakes. If it’s gone haywire, so have the lights.
  • Frayed wiring – Like arteries getting clogged, damage to the wiring can disrupt electrical flow. No power = no working lights.
  • Corrosion buildup – Rust and oxidation in the connectors can shut off the electrical current. Time for a cleaning!

Armed with that knowledge, let’s walk through the step-by-step process of getting your brake light reset and shining bright again.

Resetting Your Dodge Ram 1500 Brake Light

Grab your toolbox, pal, and let’s do this:

Step 1 – Locate the Fuse Box

The fuse box is usually tucked under the driver’s side dash. Check your owner’s manual if unsure. This box holds tiny fuses that handle various electrical functions.

Step 2 – Identify the Right Fuse

Consult the diagram on your fuse box lid or owner’s manual to find the fuse linked specifically to the brake lights.

Step 3 – Inspect the Suspect Fuse

Remove the fuse in question carefully using the fuse puller tool provided in your fuse box. Check the tiny metal strips inside for any breaks or burns. Return any damaged fuses!

Step 4 – Replace the Blown Fuse

If the fuse is clearly blown, replace it with an identical new fuse with the same amperage rating printed on it. Snap it back into place and see if your brake light magically works again!

Step 5 – Test the Brake Light Switch

If a fuse replacement doesn’t cut it, the switch near your brake pedal could be the culprit. Locate the switch and disconnect the electrical connector linked to it.

Step 6 – Use a Multimeter for Diagnostics

Here’s where a multimeter comes in handy. Attach the red probe to one connector end, black probe to the other. Does it light up when you depress the brake pedal? If not, that switch needs swappin’.

Step 7 – Inspect the Wiring

While you’re down there, inspect all visible brake light wiring for damage like fraying, cuts, or connector corrosion. Fix any issues you uncover before the problem worsens.

Step 8 – Clean All Connectors

Use an electrical contact cleaner spray to thoroughly clean corrosion from the connectors and contacts pertaining to the brake light circuit. Let them fully dry before reconnecting everything.

Step 9 – Verify Proper Function

Turn that ignition on, pal! Test those brake pedal lights and make sure your hard work paid off. Hopefully, your Ram 1500 brake light stays steadily illuminated now as you gently depress and release the brake pedal.

Step 10 – Bask in Your Triumph

Congrats! With a few tools and diagnostic tests, you successfully located and repaired your Dodge Ram 1500’s brake light issue. Celebrate by taking the ol’ girl for a nice spin around the block. You’ve earned it!

Helpful Brake Light Reset Tips

Still have lingering questions about resetting your Ram 1500 brake light? These tips might help:

  • Consult your owner’s manual – Your manual will have diagrams and Ram-specific instructions way more detailed than we have room for here.
  • Enlist a mechanic if unsure – Electrical issues make you nervous? No shame in having a professional take over at your local dealership or repair shop!
  • Inspect and protect regularly – Keep an eye out for corrosion, fraying wires, and loose connectors under the hood before they spiral into bigger problems.

Now that you’ve mastered the art of the brake light reset, you can keep that Ram 1500 shining bright for years to come! So turn that key, hit those pedals, and drive safe out there!

Comparison of Brake Light Switch Locations

Still struggling to locate the exact spot of your Ram 1500 brake light switch? Check out this handy comparison chart:

YearBrake Light Switch Location
2002-2005Under driver side dash above brake pedal
2006-2008Behind emergency brake pedal
2009-2018Under driver side dash near power brake booster
2019+Under driver side dash above brake pedal


1. Why does my Dodge Ram 1500 brake light stay on?

A common cause of a stuck brake light is a faulty brake light switch. This switch activates the lights when you press the brake pedal. If it fails, it can cause the lights to remain constantly illuminated.

2. How do I manually override my Dodge Ram 1500 brake light?

You can manually override the brake light by disconnecting the battery for 5 minutes. This will reset the vehicle’s computer and may clear any stuck signals that are illuminating the brake light erroneously.

3. My Dodge Ram 1500 brake lights work but are dim – what should I check?

Dim brake lights often indicate a wiring issue like damaged wires or corrosion in connectors. Inspect wiring visually from the switch to lights and clean contacts to address diminished lighting intensity.

4. Why does my Dodge Ram 1500 brake light fuse keep blowing?

Repeated blown fuses likely indicate an electrical short somewhere in the brake light circuit. Carefully diagnose issues in the switch, wires, grounds, connectors etc. to uncover and correct the short.

5. How do I replace a brake light bulb in my Dodge Ram 1500 tail light assembly?

Consult your owner’s manual on how to access bulbs in the tail light housing. In most models, you must remove some interior trim and retainers to access the assembly and replace individual bulbs by turning socket clockwise and installing new bulbs properly aligned.

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