Engine Rev Up is a blog focused on providing car maintenance and repair tips to help drivers keep their vehicles in optimal condition. The goal of Engine Rev Up is to publish informative, useful, and engaging content to empower our readers to confidently maintain and repair their own cars.

Content Guidelines

All content on Engine Rev Up should aim to educate and assist readers with car maintenance and repairs. Acceptable topics include but are not limited to:

  • DIY guides and tutorials covering common repairs and maintenance tasks like changing oil, replacing brakes, changing air filters, etc.
  • Reviews of auto parts, tools, and repair products.
  • Advice articles with tips for how to keep your car running well.
  • Under the hood explainers about how car systems work.
  • Seasonal/timely content such as preparing your car for winter or summer.
  • General car care advice and best practices for maintenance.
  • Answering common car repair questions.

Content should be well-researched, focused, and clearly written. Use plain, conversational language whenever possible. Articles should be comprehensive enough to fully inform readers but concise and scannable.

All repair/maintenance tutorials must provide safe step-by-step instructions that a non-professional can understand and follow.

Sourcing and Attribution

Content should be original whenever possible. If referencing or quoting a source, always attribute properly. Do not plagiarize from other sites or publications.

The website should follow all applicable copyright and fair use guidelines. Do not use photos, graphics, or other media without permission.

Comments Policy

Comments are encouraged on Engine Rev Up to foster discussion and help build a community. However, the site reserves the right to moderate or remove comments that are off-topic, contain profanity, promote unethical behavior, or violate laws.

Editorial Standards

All content published on Engine Rev Up must:

  • Be factually accurate.
  • Use original images that properly illustrate the topic.
  • Follow proper grammar and spelling conventions.
  • Attribute sources properly.
  • Adhere to this editorial policy.

The website owner, Jacob Carter, has final say over all content and editorial decisions. Authors may submit content suggestions but submission does not guarantee publication.

Let me know if you would like me to modify or expand this editorial policy draft in any way. I’m happy to revise it according to your needs.