Does Valvoline Change Brake Lights?

Getting your brake lights replaced regularly is an essential part of vehicle maintenance. Not only is driving with burnt out brake lights illegal in most states, but it also poses a significant safety hazard. When the cars behind you can’t see your brake lights, they don’t know when you are slowing down or stopping.

But how can you know when your brake lights need to be replaced? And where can you go to get fast, affordable brake light replacement service? Keep reading to learn why you should have Valvoline replace your brake lights and what you can expect from the process.

Overview of Brake Light Replacement at Valvoline

Valvoline Instant Oil Change locations offer brake light replacement as part of their standard maintenance services. Their technicians are trained to inspect all exterior lights, including headlights and brake lights, with every oil change. If they notice your brake lights are burnt out or not working properly, they can replace them on the spot.

The benefits of having your brake lights replaced at Valvoline include:

  • Convenience: No appointment needed, replacement done while you wait during your oil change.
  • Speed: Brake light replacement takes just 5-60 minutes, depending on your vehicle.
  • High quality parts: Valvoline uses top name-brand bulbs for reliability.
  • Cost savings: Brake light replacement costs $100-$200, less than most dealerships.
  • Peace of mind: Know your car’s lights are working properly and you’re driving safely.

Valvoline technicians are trained to spot any issues with your exterior lights and can quickly swap out burnt bulbs for new, high-quality replacements while you wait in the comfort of your car.

Why Should You Replace Your Brake Lights Regularly?

Like all car bulbs, brake lights can burn out over time. On average, they last 2-3 years before needing replacement. Driving with burnt out brake lights can:

  • Get you pulled over and ticketed in most states.
  • Increase your risk of accidents if cars can’t see you stopping.
  • Cause your vehicle to fail inspection if required in your state.

That’s why you should have your brake lights inspected regularly and replace them immediately if needed. Don’t wait until your next inspection or annual service to find out your brake lights aren’t working properly.

What to Expect During Brake Light Replacement at Valvoline

Getting your brake lights replaced at Valvoline Instant Oil Change locations is a quick and easy process. No appointment is necessary – just stop into any Valvoline service center for brake light replacement while you wait.

When you arrive, check in at the counter and let the service advisor know you need your brake lights replaced. They’ll have a technician inspect your brake lights right away to see if replacement is needed.

If your brake light bulbs are burnt out or not working properly, the technician will remove the old bulbs and install new, high quality replacements. Valvoline stocks major brand brake light bulbs to fit all vehicle makes and models. The technician will make sure you get the proper bulbs for your car.

While the technician replaces your brake light bulbs, you can wait comfortably in your car or the waiting area. Additional services like wiper blades, air filter replacement, or a battery check can be performed at the same time to maximize your service visit.

The brake light replacement process usually takes between 5-60 minutes depending on your vehicle type. In most cases, you’ll be all set in about 30 minutes or less. The trained technicians at Valvoline will ensure your new brake lights are working properly before you get back on the road.

Cost to Replace Brake Lights at Valvoline

The typical cost for brake light replacement at Valvoline is $100-$200 per pair of lights. This includes the cost of labor and high-quality, brand name replacement bulbs.

Exact pricing can vary depending on:

  • Your vehicle make and model
  • Number of brake lights needing replacement
  • Local labor rates

While brake light bulbs themselves are relatively inexpensive, around $15-$30 each, the bulk of the cost is labor. At independent shops or dealerships, labor can run $100 per hour or more.

Valvoline offers very competitive national pricing, making them an affordable option vs other auto service providers.

Brake Light Replacement Coupons

You can often find Valvoline coupons online and in mailers for $10-$15 off brake light replacement services. RetailMeNot, Groupon, and other coupon sites will have the latest Valvoline deals.

You can also sign up for Valvoline’s email list on their website to receive exclusive offers and coupons directly to your inbox. These can offer great savings on brake light replacement and other maintenance services.

How Long Does Valvoline Take to Change Brake Lights?

Another reason to have your brake lights replaced at Valvoline – they work quickly! Most brake light replacements take just 5-60 minutes.

Simple bulb replacement may only take 5-10 minutes per light if the housing is easily accessible. More complex assemblies that require accessing the rear lamp housing could take 30 minutes up to an hour.

Overall, plan for 60-90 minutes for brake light replacement at Valvoline, less if no other services are needed. The work is performed while you wait during your oil change. No need to come back or leave your car.

And remember, no appointment is necessary for this maintenance service. Just stop by any Valvoline Instant Oil Change location and their technicians will handle replacing your brake lights promptly.

FAQs about Brake Light Service at Valvoline

Does Valvoline use OEM or aftermarket brake light bulbs?

Valvoline stocks high quality, major brand aftermarket bulbs for all vehicles. Many are from the same manufacturers that OEMs use. You can request OEM bulbs, but there is usually no advantage over Valvoline’s default offerings.

Can I watch the brake light service being done?

Yes, all work is performed in front of you while you wait in the service bay. Valvoline’s technicians will explain what they are doing as they replace your burnt out brake light assembly or bulbs.

Do you need an appointment for brake light replacement?

No appointment is necessary. Just stop by any Valvoline location that offers brake light service. They can usually accommodate walk-ins right away.

Does Valvoline honor any brake light replacement warranties?

Valvoline guarantees their parts and workmanship for 12 months or 12,000 miles. Any issues with brake lights they replaced related to defects or improper installation will be corrected free of charge during that period.

What payment methods does Valvoline accept?

All Valvoline Instant Oil Change locations accept major credit cards, debit cards, cash, and gift cards. Financing may be available through providers like Synchrony CarCare for qualified applicants.

Can Valvoline replace LED brake lights?

Yes, their technicians can safely replace modern LED brake light assemblies. Valvoline stocks most common LED bulb replacements too. Be sure to check your owner’s manual or dealership if unsure which replacement bulbs your vehicle uses.

Trust Valvoline for All Your Brake Light Replacement Needs

Burnt out or broken brake lights can happen to any vehicle. But driving without properly working brake lights can be a safety hazard and illegal in most states. That’s why it’s so important to have them inspected regularly and replaced as soon as issues are noticed.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change locations offer fast, affordable brake light bulb replacement and maintenance services. Their technicians can quickly swap out faulty bulbs and get you back on the road safely. Stop by any Valvoline service center or schedule your next oil change to also have your brake lights checked and replaced if needed.

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