Keep Your Brakes Quiet with CRC Disc Brake Quiet

We all know that annoying feeling when your brakes start squeaking loudly every time you hit the pedal. It can be embarrassing and make you feel like your car is falling apart. Luckily, there’s an easy solution – CRC Disc Brake Quiet. This special formula applies a protective coating to your brake pads to stop the vibrations causing that dreaded brake squeal. Read on to learn why this product works so well and how to use it properly.

Causes of Noisy Brakes

Before we get into how CRC quiets your disc brakes, let’s first cover why they make noise in the first place. Brake squeal happens mainly for two reasons: vibrations and buildup. When you hit the brakes, the pads press hard against the rotating rotor. This creates tiny vibrations between the pad’s metal backing plate and the caliper bracket. These vibrations produce the annoying squeaking noise you hear.

Over time, dirt and brake dust build up on critical braking surfaces which can alter pad vibrations and cause squeaks. Hard braking also accelerates wear to unevenly groove rotors over time. This uneven surface combined with glazed pads amplifies unpleasant brake noise. So in summary, the main culprits are normal vibrations, contaminant buildup, and uneven wear.

How CRC Disc Brake Quiet Works

CRC Disc Brake Quiet is a unique noise suppressing formula that applies an elastomeric polymer coating to the back of the brake pads. As your brakes are used, this coating dampens vibrations between pad components. This prevents the metal-on-metal contact that creates annoying brake squeal.

The water-resistant coating also protects your pads from contaminant buildup and uneven wear. By keeping critical braking surfaces clean and uniform, CRC prevents the conditions that cause squeaky brakes in the first place.

Applying CRC Disc Brake Quiet

One of the nice things about CRC Disc Brake Quiet is how easy it is to apply. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Raise your vehicle and remove wheels for access to brake calipers.
  2. Locate outer brake pads within the caliper bracket. These generally see the most wear.
  3. Use brake cleaner to thoroughly degrease the back of target pads.
  4. Shake can well and hold 8 inches from pad surface when spraying. Apply smooth, even coat across entire pad backing.
  5. Allow 30 minutes drying time before reinstalling pads and rotors as normal.

One 8 oz can treats up to 8 vehicles. So unless you’re running a fleet of cars, one can should last a long while between applications.

Cure Annoying Brake Noises Fast

After installing CRC noise-suppressing pads, you’ll notice an immediate reduction in brake squeal during your first drive. The polymer coating gets straight to work preventing the metal vibrations and friction that cause irritating brake noise. Customers find CRC more effective and longer-lasting than many brake lubricants on the market.

The added protective layer also reduces further pad and rotor damage due to overheating and uneven wear. By keeping your brake system integral, CRC Disc Brake Quiet helps extend the life of your brakes – keeping more money in your pocket.

Quieter, Better Performing Brakes

In addition to eliminating embarrassment and headaches induced by noisy brakes, many drivers report better overall braking after applying CRC Disc Brake Quiet.

The pad-dampening elastomer allows for smoother, more consistent braking by preventing brake chatter. Your vehicle also stops in shorter distances thanks to enhanced friction between pads and rotors. Less noise equals better brake performance all around.

Long-Lasting Prevention

While many brake noise “quick fixes” like lubricants provide short-term relief, they actually attract more contaminants which accelerates wear over the long run. This soon leads to squeak recurrence and wasted time reapplying temporary treatments.

The advanced CRC Disc Brake Quiet formula takes brake noise prevention further. The water-resistant barrier keeps grit, dust, and other friction-altering debris off your pads – eliminating chronic issues with noisy brakes. Say goodbye to regular applications and shop visits to hush embarrassing squeal. It also works great if you live in wet or winter conditions. Enjoy long lasting peace and quiet on every drive.

Compatible With All Brakes

From affordable daily drivers to high-end performance cars, CRC Disc Brake Quiet can silence squeaks on virtually all disc brake vehicles including motorcycles. The formula is non-corrosive so it won’t damage pad materials or rotors on any make or model. Feel free to use it on economy cars and high-end sports machines alike.

Reasons to Choose CRC Disc Brake Quiet

If you’re still not convinced this is the brake noise solution for you, here are the top benefits that set CRC apart from other options:

  • Works on the underlying pad vibration cause instead of just lubricating
  • Creates water-resistant barrier preventing recontamination
  • Lasts through several pad replacements
  • Non corrosive to pad materials
  • Enhances pad & rotor performance
  • Easy DIY application takes 30 minutes
  • Eliminates noise problems fast after install

By getting to the root of brake noise issues instead of covering them up, CRC Disc Brake Quiet offers a superior fix to annoying squeal plus lasting prevention. Drivers that value brake performance, lasting repairs and money-savings choose CRC.

Say Goodbye to Noisy Brakes for Good

Don’t let irritating brake squeal give you headaches every time you need to stop. Restore the quiet confidence you expect from your vehicle with CRC Disc Brake Quiet – the long-lasting noise cure that improves brake performance. Pick up a can and take back your brake pads from the piercing sounds of metal-on-metal. Your daily commute will thank you!


1. Does CRC Disc Brake Quiet work for squeaky motorcycle brakes too?

Yes, CRC Disc Brake Quiet works on all types of disc brakes, including motorcycles. Its non-corrosive formula is safe for all brake pad materials.

2. How long does CRC Disc Brake Quiet protection last?

One application typically lasts through several brake pad replacements, providing long-term squeak prevention and noise reduction. Reapply when changing worn pads.

3. Will CRC Disc Brake Quiet damage my brake rotors?

No. CRC Disc Brake Quiet will not harm rotors or other brake components. It applies a protective barrier to brake pads only.

4. Can I use CRC Disc Brake Quiet on brakes without taking wheels off?

Unfortunately no. Wheels must be removed to access brake pads in order to thoroughly clean and apply the anti-squeal coating.

5. What happens if I get CRC Disc Brake Quiet on other car parts?

CRC Disc Brake Quiet won’t damage paint, plastic, or rubber components. However, avoid overspray contacting rotors or brake friction surfaces to prevent slippery conditions. Simply wipe off with brake cleaner.

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